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Mass Effect™ Legendary Edition

Mass Effect™ Legendary Edition

Mass Effect Legendary Edition bundles Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect 3 collectively in a single launcher. Over 40 single-player DLCs from all three video games are included. However, Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer and its corresponding DLCs should not included and neither is Pinnacle Station. M-597 Ladon weapon from the Wii U unique Mass Effect 3: Special Edition launch can be absent.

Visual enhancements embrace enhanced fashions, shaders, results, lighting, and depth of subject. Performance choices can assist ultra-high refresh charges on PC, and consoles are given a binary selection for efficiency vs. high quality. All variations assist HDR. The Legendary Edition has a photograph mode throughout all three video games to totally showcase these enhancements.

Commander Shepard’s look will be custom-made in a unified character creator for a extra cohesive expertise, and with all choices obtainable throughout the trilogy. The default feminine Shepard face that debuted in Mass Effect 3 has been retouched, then backported to the earlier two video games for consistency. The earlier default feminine face can be obtainable as an possibility.

The first Mass Effect sport particularly options improved controls, cameras, weapon steadiness, squad AI and canopy conduct, along with a full worldbuilding go for higher environmental artwork, visible results, and lighting. Elevator loading occasions have been shortened; elevator conversations are nonetheless current though a skip button is now offered for comfort.

Morality checks between two arguing squad members in Mass Effect 2 have been relaxed, and it’s now simpler to steer each to stay loyal as a substitute of requiring full paragon/renegade bars.

Several bugs left unfixed within the authentic video games are mounted within the Legendary Edition. One of the problems addressed is the black blobs bug affecting AMD processors not utilizing the deprecated 3DNow! instruction units on Noveria ranges. Another is the music slicing off throughout Samara and Morinth’s confrontation in Samara: The Ardat-Yakshi.

Legendary Edition is a totally new set up separate from any preexisting trilogy installs. Physical sport installers span two discs. All issue ranges can be found from the beginning, as a substitute of requiring gamers to complete a number of runs to unlock the Hardcore and Insanity ranges. The interactive comics previous Mass Effect 2 and three will be skipped at discretion.

System requirements

Installation Information:

  • Unrar and burn or mount the .iso
  • Install by using our installer
  • Play the game (Block the game in your firewall)

Blake3 Hashes:


Minimum Configuration Hardware:

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Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: 64-bit Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i5 3570 or AMD FX-8350
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: GPU: NVIDIA GTX 760, AMD Radeon 7970 / R9280X GPU RAM: 2 GB Video Memory
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 120 GB available space

Recommended Configuration Hardware:

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: 64-bit Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i7-7700 or AMD Ryzen 7 3700X
Memory: 16 GB RAM
Graphics: GPU: NVIDIA GTX 1070 / RTX 200, Radeon Vega 56, GPU RAM: 4 GB Video Memory
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 120 GB available space

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Downloads From Other Servers

mass_effect_legendary_edition.part01.rar – 2.0 GB
mass_effect_legendary_edition.part02.rar – 2.0 GB
mass_effect_legendary_edition.part03.rar – 2.0 GB
mass_effect_legendary_edition.part04.rar – 2.0 GB
mass_effect_legendary_edition.part05.rar – 2.0 GB
mass_effect_legendary_edition.part06.rar – 2.0 GB
mass_effect_legendary_edition.part07.rar – 2.0 GB
mass_effect_legendary_edition.part08.rar – 2.0 GB
mass_effect_legendary_edition.part09.rar – 2.0 GB
mass_effect_legendary_edition.part10.rar – 2.0 GB
mass_effect_legendary_edition.part11.rar – 2.0 GB
mass_effect_legendary_edition.part12.rar – 2.0 GB
mass_effect_legendary_edition.part13.rar – 2.0 GB
mass_effect_legendary_edition.part14.rar – 2.0 GB
mass_effect_legendary_edition.part15.rar – 2.0 GB
mass_effect_legendary_edition.part16.rar – 2.0 GB
mass_effect_legendary_edition.part17.rar – 2.0 GB
mass_effect_legendary_edition.part18.rar – 2.0 GB
mass_effect_legendary_edition.part19.rar – 2.0 GB
mass_effect_legendary_edition.part20.rar – 2.0 GB
mass_effect_legendary_edition.part21.rar – 2.0 GB
mass_effect_legendary_edition.part22.rar – 2.0 GB
mass_effect_legendary_edition.part23.rar – 2.0 GB
mass_effect_legendary_edition.part24.rar – 2.0 GB
mass_effect_legendary_edition.part25.rar – 2.0 GB
mass_effect_legendary_edition.part27.rar – 2.0 GB
mass_effect_legendary_edition.part26.rar – 2.0 GB
mass_effect_legendary_edition.part28.rar – 2.0 GB
mass_effect_legendary_edition.part29.rar – 2.0 GB
mass_effect_legendary_edition.part30.rar – 2.0 GB
mass_effect_legendary_edition.part31.rar – 2.0 GB
mass_effect_legendary_edition.part32.rar – 2.0 GB
mass_effect_legendary_edition.part33.rar – 2.0 GB
mass_effect_legendary_edition.part34.rar – 2.0 GB
mass_effect_legendary_edition.part35.rar – 2.0 GB
mass_effect_legendary_edition.part36.rar – 2.0 GB
mass_effect_legendary_edition.part37.rar – 2.0 GB
mass_effect_legendary_edition.part38.rar – 2.0 GB
mass_effect_legendary_edition.part39.rar – 2.0 GB
mass_effect_legendary_edition.part40.rar – 2.0 GB
mass_effect_legendary_edition.part41.rar – 2.0 GB
mass_effect_legendary_edition.part42.rar – 2.0 GB
mass_effect_legendary_edition.part43.rar – 2.0 GB
mass_effect_legendary_edition.part44.rar – 2.0 GB
mass_effect_legendary_edition.part45.rar – 2.0 GB
mass_effect_legendary_edition.part46.rar – 404.6 MB

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