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Tracey De Santa – From GTA V – All Adults Moments – Cuts before releases the game worldwide

Tracey De Santa – From GTA V – All Adults Moments – Cuts before releases the game worldwide

Overview of Tracey De Santa

Tracey is the daughter of Michael and Amanda and the older sister of Jimmy. In 2004, Michael faked his loss of life throughout a failed theft in Ludendorff, North Yankton, forcing the household to maneuver to Los Santos. During this time, her relationship together with her household is strained attributable to her mother and father disapproving of her selection of way of life (together with lower than stellar boyfriends and several other makes an attempt to make porn) and Jimmy’s frequent makes an attempt to demean her.

And story goes on
Tracey is first seen throughout the mission Complications, whereas Franklin Clinton is breaking into Michael’s House to repossess Jimmy’s yellow BeeJay XL. Tracey is heard arguing with Jimmy, after which walks to her room to make use of her telephone. She is later seen in the first cutscene of Father/Son whereas preventing together with her mom Amanda about how her then boyfriend, Gary, cannot sleep with Tracey that evening as a result of Amanda thinks that he is a “bum,” as she accuses him of being homeless. Tracey angrily denies, screaming that he simply does not have wherever else to remain. However, she breaks up with him on the identical day as the mission, as seen on her Lifeinvader.

Later, in the mission Daddy’s Little Girl, after Michael and Jimmy end a motorbike race to Pleasure Pier, Jimmy informs Michael that Tracey is assembly some guys from the porn trade in a yacht close to the pier. Michael then swims to the yacht and disrupts Tracey’s celebration saying that he does not need Tracey hanging out with these folks. Michael steals a Seashark to take Tracey ashore, however they’re chased by Blake and Freddy. Eventually, after dropping (or killing) their pursuers, Michael leaves Tracey at the seashore. Tracey, sad together with her father’s actions and her brother’s oblique function in the fiasco, says that the solely factor he is achieved for her is smash her life, making their father/daughter relationship much more sophisticated.

Later, she is shortly seen in the mission Friend Request watching Fame or Shame. When Michael enters the room to observe Jay Norris’s speech at the Vinewood Bowl, Tracey refuses to permit him, forcing Michael to angrily shoo her off the sofa and out of the room.

In the mission Fame or Shame, Tracey auditions for Fame or Shame with out telling her mother and father, however Michael and Trevor ended up discovering this out from Jimmy. Tracey’s audition is as a dancer, however Michael and Trevor, realizing Tracey will embarrass herself attributable to her lack of dancing abilities, head to the Maze Bank Arena. When they arrive, Tracey is being launched to the judges by Lazlow. Tracey performs an erotic dance and Lazlow joins in, enraging each Michael and Trevor. They interrupt the audition and chase Lazlow from the Arena. After the mission, Tracey calls Michael and once more berates him for “ruining her life” as soon as once more. It can be seen that, after the mission, Tracey smashed up her complete room and moved out of the home, leaving the remainder of her household alone.

There is a lot pornography on Tracey however before relish the game these clips will get out in Internet and game will get authorized clashes. Makers needed to take away these clips, however we collect these clips for you you have to be +18 to observe them.

Back to Story Mission

Despite not showing in the mission, Did Somebody Say Yoga?, Tracey returns to the home (in all probability when Michael was asleep in the Rockford Hills backyard). After she hears what occurred with Michael and Jimmy, she tells Amanda and Jimmy to maneuver out for their very own security, they usually find yourself shifting to Fabien’s place. After the mission, Tracey will name Michael to inform him that she, Amanda, and Jimmy have moved out, and that she is anxious about her dad.

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During Michael’s household’s absence, Tracey will nonetheless present that she cares about her father, both sending e-mails asking how Michael is and telling him how her life with Fabien goes or posting on Michael’s Lifeinvader web page asking if he’s nonetheless alive. It’s additionally implied by her new voicemail message that she is doing pornographic reveals through a webcam whereas Amanda, Fabien, and Jimmy are out of the home.

Finally, in the mission Reuniting the Family, Michael is making an attempt to carry his household collectively another time, he and Jimmy go to the Blazing Tattoo studio to seek out Tracey begging Lazlow for an additional probability in the Fame or Shame TV program. Lazlow says that he’ll let her on the present if she offers him a blowjob. When Michael overhears this, he assaults Lazlow by forcibly piercing him in the nostril, ear and forehead, then tattooing a penis on his again or chest (participant’s selection). He lastly ends the humiliating expertise by slicing off Lazlow’s ponytail. Lazlow, in a panic, agrees in permitting Tracey again on Fame or Shame (and doing no matter it takes to make her ‘look good’), and Tracey, impressed by her father’s devotion, agrees in going with him and Jimmy to Dr. Friedlander’s clinic. There, after an extended session, the De Santa’s all agree to maneuver again to the mansion collectively as a united household.

Tracey seems once more in her personal aspect mission Doting Dad, the place she is being stalked by considered one of her “web followers”. She and Michael go to completely different factors of Vinewood on the lookout for the stalker. Once they discover him, Michael can both kill him or let him go (participant’s selection). His choice will have an effect on Tracey’s dialogue while they return to the mansion. Regardless, she is going to nonetheless be completely satisfied that her father helped her.

Her final look in the storyline is in the mission Meltdown, she and Amanda are being held hostage by Merryweather Security personnel, who invaded Michael’s home in retaliation for Michael’s betrayal of Devin Weston. Michael kills all the Merryweather mercenaries and saves his household. Amanda, Jimmy and Tracey as soon as once more depart the mansion, this time for private security causes while Devin continues to be making an attempt to kill Michael.

“Now that I’m almost famous and have stalkers and shit, this psycho-over-protective-dad routine is finally starting to pay dividends! Love you, Pop.”
— Tracey on Michael’s LifeInvader web page, about their new father/daughter relationship.

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