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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six 3 Iron Wrath

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six 3 Iron Wrath

After Rainbow foiled Nikola Gospić and Alvaro Gutierrez’s plans to jumpstart a world fascism motion, numerous governments and counter-terrorist organizations started to dismantle the rest of the People’s Social Nationalist Party. On August 22th, 2007, the Bulgarian authorities managed to nook the final remaining terrorist cell to Sofia City in Bulgaria. Several members of the cell had been capable of escape native authorities to St. Kliment Ohridski (3) and took hostages. Rainbow managed to rescue the hostages and at last put an finish to the PSNP.

The terrorists revealed throughout interrogations that they had been in negotiations to hitch a brand new group of nicely armed nuclear opportunists. This new terrorist group kidnapped a variety of Bulgarian nuclear scientists and compelled a number of of them to help in breaking into the most important Bulgarian nuclear reactor in Kozloduy, Bulgaria on August thirtieth. While the reactor was decommissioned two years prior, the federal government by no means completed disposing of the remaining uranium gasoline. At the request of the Bulgarian authorities, Rainbow was capable of cease the terrorists and prevented the theft of the most important pile of fissionable supplies within the nation.

On September sixteenth, Rainbow Intel was capable of monitor the situation of three of the nuclear scientists to a secret coaching facility in Mirola, Poland. With the assistance of Rainbow, the Polish authorities shut down the location. Evidence on the website revealed that the terrorists are smuggling the kidnapped scientists out of the docks in Constanta, Romania. The scientists would then shipped to varied international locations to work on unlawful nuclear initiatives. With this newfound info, Rainbow was capable of cease the human trafficking operation on September twenty ninth.

On October seventeenth, Rainbow Intel tracked the final of the kidnapped Bulgarian scientists to a secure home in Sevastopol City, Ukraine. Rainbow was capable of infiltrate the secure home and escort the 2 scientists to security. The scientists knowledgeable Rainbow that the terrorists are literally native muscle employed by ex-Spetsnaz officers to kidnap the Bulgarian scientists and steal nuclear gasoline. They additionally revealed that the previous officers supposed use the scientists to construct nuclear weapons and promote them to the very best bidder. With the terrorists now reduce off from the provides and experience from Bulgaria, they’re now making their very own nuclear gasoline and bombs. On November 14th, the terrorists tried to steal uncooked materials from an previous Soviet nuclear supplies storage facility in Pavlograd, Ukraine and arrange timed explosives to cowl their escape. Rainbow shortly entered the location and prevented the bombs from detonating.

On December 1st, the final remnants of the ex-Spetnaz terrorist group had been traced to the disued Vorkuta army set up in West Siberia. The terrorists turned conscious that they’d been compromised and had been making ready to desert the location with their tools for making nuclear units. Rainbow was capable of stop their escape, eradicated the remaining terrorists, and captured their chief. The chief was then turned over to the Russian authorities for his crimes.

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Win 95/98, Pentium 266MHz MMX (without hardware acceleration), or Pentium 233MHz MMX (with hardware acceleration), 64MB RAM (128 MB recommended), 300MB hard drive space, 4X CD-ROM, DirectX 6.0 or higher compatible sound card, Direct3D compatible video card required, 28.8KBPS modem for internet play.

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